Analysis paralysis in senior care

We all typically believe 'the government' is actively taking care of the needs of our aging population, whether you view the world of healthcare at the federal level, or by provincial jurisdiction.

But articles like the one in today's Province - Access to Care for B.C. Seniors Shrinking as their Numbers Grow are revealing, and in many ways, shockingly clear that at least at the provincial level, we could all be in trouble.

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Coming of age and stepping up

In times of financial uncertainty, we often find ourselves burdened with non-financial issues. Trying to make ends meet somehow brings about a whole host of other challenges that sometimes seem unrelated to financial stress.

And yet it's all related. As I said in my last post, we're facing a demographic tidal wave of change. Our parents are aging. And more than ever, they're in our lives, much as we used to be in their lives as children.
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